- Overview

Undergraduates study religions of the world in general or particular religious traditions in depth. They are also trained in various approaches to academic issues regarding religions, in order to acquire abilities to understand them both sympathetically and objectively. The Curriculum of Religious Studies major is as follows:


Spring Semester

Fall Semester


100.149 World Religions

100.152 Religion & Religious Studies


100.150 Introduction to Buddhism

100.151 Introduction to Christianity


114.203 Religions in China
114.214 Introduction to Islam
114.220 History of Religious Studies
114.301 Phenomenology of Religion
114.307 Sociology of Religion
114.310 Psychology of Religion
114.405 Contemporary Religions

114.204 Religions in India
114.213 Introduction to Confucianism
114.216 Introduction to Taoism
114.302 Philosophy of Religion
114.322 Religions in Korea*


114.306 Anthropology of Religion
114.318 Christianity in Korea
114.319 Confucianism in Korea
114.402 Mysticism
114.408A Guidance in Senior Thesis Writings*
114.412 Ancient Religions

114.311 Mythology
114.320 Comparative Study of Religions
114.323 Buddhism in Korea
114.325 Religions in Japan
114.407A Canons & Classics
114.408A Guidance in Senior Thesis Writings*
114.413 Primitive Religions

* Required